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To continue to be an efficient, respected builder working in an ethical and balanced manner to earn the privilege of being committed to quality & trust.


To be the pre-eminent provider of superior construction services by consistently improving the quality of our structure; to add value for clients through innovation, foresight, integrity, and impeccable performance; and to serve with ethical character and purpose that brings honor.

GMS as a company has been recognized and tent to have ethical business practices, collaborative and working environmental, caring culture towards employees and society.

GMS Management team consists of professions of wide range of expertise in construction industry that guide and take the company with the very computational effort and ethical business values and practices.

In these years of experience we have learnt hard won business lessons of breaking conventional practices taking on challenges accomplishing the work on given time with outstanding quality & standards.

GMS strongly believes in human values, living creatures & creating individual is always more important than any establishment style or system

Our strongest asserts are our man power because of the company trend to create work place which has consistent responsibility and recognition for the initiatives.

We expect our employees to achieve the highest standards of professionalism, ethical practices in all they do and we undertake to treat them fairly and with mutual respect they deserve.

Uncompromising quality and commitment to our work takes GMS to greater heights

GMS is an organization which does service for clients with enormous quality and quality consciousness in every work. We strive to attain the highest level of quality in all our undertakings. All our completed projects are tending to have the best quality.

Quality policy & objectives

We adopt strict quality, which means projects are completed on time within budget and to the specification.

To impart internationally competitive technologies and equipments to give maximum value to our clients.


R.Rangaswamy was born in the year 1940, in an agricultural family near Chennimalai was a visionary who was one among the pioneers in kongunadu region to establish a construction firm for the country’s growth.

R.Rangaswamy was the instrumental person who bought and developed thousands of family by providing job opportunities and mentoring the ethically.

R.Rangaswamy was determined to do things ethically with cen percent Quality.

R.Rangaswamy nourished his daughter Shri.Krishnnaveni Balasivakumar, (Executive Director of GMS) and brought up her as a vibrant and perseverance young woman as a result GMS, is born.

In GMS every soul believes that, the divine soul of R.Rangaswamy is one among me key reason for the grown of GMS.

Today GMS proceeds with a great mission to bring the dreams of our esteemed Mentor R.RANGASWAMY to come true.


V.S.Selvaraj was born in the year 1956, who did its M.Com and joined soon in the construction firm run by brother-in-law R.Rangaswamy and learned the business from the root.

V.S.Selvaraj was determined at his young ages to serve the country with good and quality infrastructure.

V.S.Selvaraj was one among the instrumental reason for establishing GMS with P.Balasivakumar in the year 2002.

V.S.Selvaraj shared and mentored GMS from all his well mastered skills and knowledge and paved the structure for the company.

The Sudden loss of V.S.Selvaraj is a very disappointing moment of life and unmatchable, yet still GMS runs with a great mission keeping me vision of V.S.Selvaraj in the mind and action.